Be confident and simplify your life. Use a proven system. Update your methods and knowledge. Save time and save your energy.

the TLM Toolbox: A Revolutionary Concept! A scalable solution adapted to your needs.

TLM offers you its Dashboard, your online work desk where all the tools you need to succeed are gathered all in one place.

You also benefit from our ‘TLM Toolbox’, a real gold mine overflowing with information, advice and tutorials to support you in your efforts.

TLM offers you a personalized approach.

You will be able to participate in Webinars and consult with coaches, internet marketing and networking leaders.

Our goal is to simplify your life and contribute to your success! TLM: A revolutionary concept! A scalable solution adapted to your needs.

Why take the TLM Toolkit? Because time is money! TLM finds the best tools available for you to sell online and brings them together on your TLM dashboard. These are countless hours of research that you will not have to do. So more time for family and growing your web business.

Your success depends on four things: a positive and winning attitude, knowledge, simple and effective computer tools and personal and continuous support.

TLP Referral

Earn TLP points each time someone you refer to us subscribes to one of the TLM packages. Expand your network of subscribers and benefit from their own network.

TL P points can be cashed in at any time !

Come Discover Our TLP point system!

A unique Concept That Will Make You Win Big!


‘Dashboard’ is your work interface, your online office. From here you can access a multitude of tools including the TLM Builder for creating and hosting your website and your sales funnel models. Find everything you need in one place. The TLM Dashboard is a scalable tool adapted to your needs.

Revolutionary Toolkit

The box that will revolutionize the way you work and act. An exceptional tool that will save you time and money. A whole new concept made available to all. Easy and affordable.

Social network

TLS is a free and accessible social network for everyone. An effective tool for the success of your business. You have access to private or public groups of entrepreneurs who want to share their experience and their journey. Effective media for your business development. The possibilities are endless with TLS.


Ever-evolving knowledge center. A multitude of articles and video tutorials on sales and Internet marketing strategies. Online training with coaches and web marketing leaders.


Marketing tool

Dashboard grouping all your tools. TLM Website Builders Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (coming soon) Sales funnel (coming soon) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (coming soon). Email campaign manager (coming soon).

TLS Social Network


Our mission

We want to make it easier to propel your business by bringing everything together, in one place. We are a team of entrepreneurs who decided to provide the necessary tools (Toolbox) to propel businesses on the web. We provide a tool that will allow you to create your own sales funnel with the support of our experts. We also offer access to training in different forms, example approach models to inspire you when you need to approach new prospects, guides regarding Entrepreneur’s Ethics and a host of tutorials on various sales techniques and Internet marketing strategies.

We have joined forces and skills to offer today’s builders continuous support in an environment that is increasingly stressed and dominated by large multinational companies. Our goal is simple, create abundance.



We have several packages according to your budget. We have developed great expertise in web marketing. A dynamic team ready to make a difference for your projects. In short… You are in good hands!

We offer you a unique concept!

Follow our evolution…

Take advantage of special offers and promotions as they become available. Our concept will allow you to save time and money while increasing your market share. Convert your visitors into customers.

Improve your return on investment (ROI)

To succeed

Four fundamental elements for success. A winning and positive attitude. It’s your mindset, your ability to visualize your future and stay focused on your goals, values and priorities. Knowledge of your target market, your environment, your marketing strategies and the tools that will enable you to achieve your objectives. Tools for designing your website, your sales funnel, to maximize your visibility on the internet, manage your promotional campaigns and customer relations. Personal and sustained support. You are not alone with your challenges and concerns. Meet entrepreneurs who, like you, want to share their ideas and knowledge.

Sales funnel

A Sales Funnel is the journey through which a visitor’s decision-making process ends with the purchase of your product or service. Also known as ‘Funnel’, the objective of this concept is to convert the greatest number of visitors into prospects and then into customers. This concept is valid for all companies selling products and services.


You will find an impressive number of tutorials in the form of PDF or video documents. From personal development to office automation, including various sales techniques, marketing strategies and creativity, we cover all topics relevant to entrepreneurship. In addition, by being an active member with us, you benefit from a discount when subscribing to the Sales Funnel package.


Your ‘TLM Dashboard’ is your virtual office. You will find all your tools under the same interface. From here you will be able to manage your website, sales funnel pages, contacts and activities. We will soon offer you tools related to the creation of images and content. You will have access to private, group or webinar courts with industry leaders. When you need support, you can make an appointment to speak with one of our specialists.

TLS social network


Join our TLS social network. You will find a dynamic and growing community there. Visit the discussion groups to find answers to your questions. TLS is your free social network, without censorship or limits. You will be able to create your personal and/or professional profile, groups, pages and events. It’s one more opportunity to promote your business, find new customers or simply have fun with friends.

More Values

Additional Tools

– Referral system

– Brochures and Business Cards, Promotional Tools

– TLS – Social Network; Marketplace, Groups, Advertisements, Games…

– Ever-evolving tutorials, dashboard and features

– Training, private or group online coaches

– PDF files – Explanatory videos on how to set up a landing page and more…

Why a Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a marketing process and strategy that aims to convert a visitor into a prospect and then a customer. The great advantage of such a system is to be able to automate the process of acquiring a new customer by guiding them throughout their journey.

Simplified Sales Funnel!

We have a simplified sales funnel, easy to build with an automated structure to help you convert your visitors into prospects and then into customers. In addition, at no additional cost, you have access to the TLS social network on which you will find a community of dynamic business people. From your profile, create groups, pages and events.

The icing on the Sunday !

The icing on the Sunday is that you also get access to our well-stocked Toolbox with tutorials, trainings and presentations at a great price. All additional add-ons are included at no additional cost to your package.



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Revolutionary Concept

To succeed, you have to act!!