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What we have to offer you touches on several topics that will help you better develop your business. Toolbox our Revolutionary Concept

TLM Tools/Members

We offer you a set of tools that will allow you to maximize your internet marketing strategies, identify and optimally reach your target market. You will be able to develop your personal and professional skills as well as master and maximize the use of internet tools grouped under the TLM Dashboard.


By subscribing to the TLM Toolbox, you will have access to a multitude of tutorials in the form of documents or videos relating to subjects that concern you; whether it’s personal development, sales techniques, internet marketing strategies, motivation, business development, etc. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discover and attend live presentations with leaders from different business backgrounds.

TLS Social Network

A social network where you will find other entrepreneurs, discussion groups, a marketplace, business opportunities and more! Our TLS social network is another way to reach more people! Highlight your image, create groups or even pages. Advertise your products or services at a more than competitive price.


You will be invited to ‘Live’ presentations by leaders in internet sales and marketing. You will be able to participate in multiple online training groups on topics that affect you. Check the Toolbox regularly to find out what’s new.